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StreamPlay is an Embedded Design Services company with a blend of highly experienced and skilled technical team in embedded software development and hardware design of high definition professional video systems.

High Definition Video Broadcasting

High Definition Video Broadcasting

Broadcasting content creation is transitioning from standard definition to high definition. Storage of content is transitioning from analogue to digital form and from tape to file based systems. IT infrastructure and networks can be used for the management of compressed video content. Another way is to managing uncompressed high definition broadcasting material by linking and switching broadcasting equipment over low cost standard CAT5E/6 cables and advanced data transmission and recovery techniques. StreamPlay has a range of solutions linking and switching high definition broadcasting equipment using CAT5E/6 and/or optical cables.

Digital Signage

Digital Out Of Home Advertising markets today are facilitated by the deployment of flat panel screens and the adaptation of IT and Consumer Electronics technologies into this professional segment. However further growth in this market depends on innovation and cost optimisation of any new system to be deployed. StreamPlay’s solutions for the Digital Signage industry bring interactivity with the target consumer, a major trend in the advertising market. Other benefits are implementations with reduced infrastructure cost thanks to the deployment standard CAT5E/6 cabling while the highest quality of high definition video is guaranteed across the Digital Signage Network.

High Definition Video Surveillance


High Definition Video Surveillance is expanding rapidly replacing legacy analogue systems and more often deployed for wider area surveillance with fewer number of cameras. Since the introduction of IP cameras, network video surveillance and recording became straight forward allowing the use of existing data networks for video surveillance. High definition video surveillance is quite demanding in network bandwidth and because of that, the number of cameras supported by one system can be limited. StreamPlay developed techniques that allow the use of HD-SDi cameras who provide the highest image quality with low cost CAT5E/6 standard cables. Such technique effectively transforms the cost of a direct attached camera DVR system to a system comparable in cost to a Network Video Surveillance system. 

High Definition AV Distribution

Distribution of high definition video in buildings and between buildings is usually realised with IPTV systems. Such an approach is appropriate for some applications, but for others where the loss of video quality due to the compression and decompression is not acceptable, a different approach is necessary. StreamPlay offers a range of solutions for non-compressed high definition video distribution by combination of technologies and experience from the industrial, IT and consumer video applications.

Machine Vision

Industrial Imaging and in particular Machine Vision is a growing area for high definition video deployment because of the wide availability of HD camera sensors. Also the standardisation and wide availability of H.264 encoder decoder solutions makes HD IP vision possible for industrial applications. StreamPlay has a range of industrial vision solutions addressing even the most demanding applications of non-compressed HD vision. 

Medical Imaging


StreamPlay's solutions for the medical imaging market include systems that enable remote operating theatre observation, remote imaging device connectivity, and control and power provision. One of the technical challenges in operating theatres is the strictly regulated and reduced number of power sockets and cabling systems in general. StreamPlay has a range of solutions that allows the control, power and high definition imaging reception from medical devices.